Sunday, October 26, 2008

Maybe Training

In my mind I want to dive back into training but my work schedule is fighting me on it. It seems like I still have a bunch of stuff piling up that I got to finish this week so training is still going to be a bit off and on.

I did have a good day on Friday though. I was up before work to do my core routine. I haven't done that for a while and it was pretty rough. I remember right before the season started I was going through the workout with ease and was going to change it up to make it a but tougher. After not doing it so long it hurt and yesterday and today I'm really sore. I was so sore yesterday that I was having a hard time moving around the kitchen at work. When I got home from work on Friday I had time to head out for a quick 20 mile ride on the road bike. It seems that it is that fall season when the road bike is going to see a lot of action. I really pushed it on the ride which I'm sure added to my soreness. I didn't have a chance to get anything in yesterday. I went to the Nebraska-Baylor game with my uncle and then was at work at ArborLinks the rest of the night. I was probably to sore to really do much of a workout anyways.
Today after I woke up and noticed that it was really windy(25-35 mph with gusts of 40+) so I decided to go out and ride in Pioneers Park. I took it pretty easy and did a few intervals but mostly I just tried to stay at a nice easy pace and stretch out the sore legs. Hopefully pretty soon I'm back to normal and these workouts don't cause me so many problems.
Now it's off to get ready for work and try to get through this week. Later.

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Anonymous said...

The balance is hard to find but its there somewhere. I'll be sitting down trying to find out exactly how to manage it in the next two weeks.