Sunday, October 12, 2008

Random Riding

I think this has been the longest I've gone without posting on this blog. Since I've started this process of getting ready to take the certified executive chef exam I've taken some time off from the bike and have focused on the exam. The riding that I've done in the past 2 weeks has been very random and relaxed. Really the rides are just a way for me to get out and think. No training of any kind just some relaxing rides in the woods. I'm really enjoying the fall weather. Way more this year than last year. It does remind me though that comfortable rides are about to be gone to be replaced with cold rides but I'm going to take the mild fall while it last.

This weekend I actually got out to wilderness park both yesterday and today. Yesterday I had a bunch of stuff to do before I went to work so the ride was only about 1:15. Today I headed out and was riding for about 2 hours. Both rides were pretty uneventful except today I ran into about 22 horses coming the opposite way on the trail and had to sit and wait for them to get by and then I spent the next mile dodging what the horses left behind for me.

Well I better get my stuff ready and get to bed. I keep telling myself I just got to get through this week and then I can get back to training which I'm really gettin antsy to do.

1st team Bike Pedalers meeting tomorrow night. That should be interesting to see what's going on with the sponsors and such.


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Bluenoser said...

Yes it seems we have busy lives. Good to get out for a ride now and again.