Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cold Thoughts

Today had a rough start to it. For some reason this morning when I woke up I felt aweful. Actually I felt like I was really hungover and that sucked if I'm going to feel that way I really wish I had had the fun that went into getting that way. It was really bad. I barely made it to work and then barely made it through my one hour lecture without throwing up. I had to sit and give the lecture which is odd for me since I've never done that before and I tend to move around a lot when I'm giving lectures. Luckily for me as the day went on and we went into the lab portion of the day I started feeling better and by the time I got home from work tonight I was feeling ok and went decided to go ahead and get on the trainer. I still wasn't feeling 100% so I did a hour of steady tempo at the top end of my ownzone on the new monitor. I don't think I could have made it through another heavy interval session. The legs were pretty sore and I need to ease back into the training instead of hurting myself. I mean I'm not going to hurt myself until the practice cross race this weekend and the 2 days next weekend.

I've been thinking a lot lately about what gear I need for riding outside this winter. I still want to try to get outside as much as possible. I know I need more gear than what I have right now. I got some new bellweather leg warmers tonight which should help alot but I still need to get a new set of gloves. I'm kind of leaning towards the PI Lobster gloves and kind of just get something that I can use in February. I also need a new winter riding coat. Of course I like the new Twin Six wool jerseys or I could just wait and order a team winter jacket with our team gear. The problem is the team stuff won't be in until sometime in January. I'll have to figure it out or tough it out amd I'm sure there is other things that I'm going to need.

100% awesome

Now I need to get some sleep got a long day at the college tomorrow.



Judi said...

you need to rest up and get over being sick. seems like you get a lot of colds. you should try taking about 4000mg of vit c a day. it'll help get rid of those colds and keep them away!

the t6 wool jerseys look awesome.

Bluenoser said...

Hey harp, I could use a pair of the lobster gloves also.

I have a twin six fatty long sleeve wooly on order. Can't wait for it.


sydney said...

Hope you feel better by tomorrow and can come play

Groover said...

Hope you are feeling better, harp. Don't overdo it. Funny, I just had a look at the new 2009 Twin Six stuff today, too. Looks like someone is going to import it to Australia. Yeah! I agree with you. The wool jersey is very nice.

Get better!