Sunday, November 23, 2008

No Cross Today

Unfortunately today I wasn't able to race in the second day of the NE CycloCross Weekend. We had to celebrate Thanksgiving with my wifes family. It would have been nice to race and I think I may have had a better day today than I did yesterday. The legs felt good this morning when I got up but no big deal. It was nice to spend the day hanging with my family. We went to my wifes uncles house who lives in the country and has a big spread and lots of motor powered toys. Not quite my cup of tea but hey something differents fun once in a while. Riding the ATV's my time as a cyclist worked against me for a while when what I'm used to being the front brake is the clutch and the what I'm used to using my right thumb to shift gears is now my throttle. I did find myslef wishing I had my bike. I still prefer my off road vehicles to have pedals no motor.

I kept my diet in check today also. I only allowed myself to have one serving of the main meal. A couple of hours later though I did have some pumpkin pie but it is a vegetable ha.

I thought a lot today about what I mentioned in yesterdays post and am really looking at my training and what I need to do to improve. I uped my training routine for tonight when I got home. I did my usual interval workout ( I need to work on some new ones the one I usually do is getting really redundant) and added an extra 15 minutes of high tempo work. I'm going to continue to work on researching some new training techniques.

That's about all for tonight. I need to go watch the last couple minutes of the Chargers game. They have a chanve of actually winning this one.



Bruce Brown said...

Sorry about your Chargers.;-]

October and November are pie months, what are you talking about? I've got 2 pies to eat this week - and then pie time is finished. In other words, I'll move on to other goodies for December...!!

Fat Lad said...

How do you keep the eating in check? I seem to be suffering death from a thousand small sweet snacks at the minute...