Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is it spring yet?

I didn't think that I would start whining this early but it's already getting to me. I haven't been outside on a bike for over a week and half and the last time out I froze my ass off. The weather is supposed to be a bit better for the weekend so I'm holding out hope for some time outside and not on the trainer.

Not a lot else happening with me. I've actually got a bit of a schedule going that I can stick to as far as my training is concerned. Core workouts a few mornings a week and on the bike in some form or another at night. It's nice and I'm feeling pretty good. I felt the best on the trainer tonight than I have for a while. I felt like I did towards the end of the season before I took the hiatus to get my certification test out of the way. Know that I'm back in form I can really start to push it a bit and start to work on improving.

I've also know what my first race of the season is going to be. It's the Panama MTB enduro. I did it last year and it's really a 26 mile gravel grinder through rural NE. The biggest challenge of this race is the guys who show up on cross bikes. It's a good first of the season warm up race.

Later. Harp

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