Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Week

It's been over a week know since I last had a post. This past week has been busy with no time to train or post on the blog.

Other than working a bunch not much has been going on with me. On Friday I finally put my notice in at ArborLinks. This has been past due for a while. The club was moving in a different direction than I wanted to go and it just wasn't a good fit for me anymore. I haven't enjoyed working there for a long time and have been a pretty miserable person to deal with cause of it. I will be getting them through anything they have going on from now until April 1 which isn't much since it's a golf club in the winter but there may be a few things going on.

With quiting this job it leaves me with more time to focus on my training. I really want the 2009 season to be a good one for me. I will be putting more time in at the bike pedalers though.

This will be the first time I haven't had a job cooking in a long time. I teach students the craft of cooking everyday but I really actually cook very little at the college and don't get to really cook any of "my" food. Which is kind of the problem with cooking for me anyways. No matter where I go I can never do things my way I always have to lower my standards to meet what the employers think is the business needs. So I've pretty much decided I'm done cooking in restaurants outside the school until the day comes when I open my own place and can do things my way and only my way.

Anyways this weekend I was finally able to get back to training and had a good couple of days on the trainer. I'm starting to put together the things I need so I can get back outside and ride but for now the basement will have to do.

I've also been really taking a look at my diet over the past couple of days. I have put on about 5 lbs and am feeling a bit pudgy in the midsection so I'm really watching it and realized that I've kind of been indulging a bit to much lately and have been comforting myself with food. Putting the notice in at ArborLinks really has lifted a weight off my shoulders. Not that I'm using that as an excuse but it does feel nice. Hopefully I can get my finances figured out without that income and that won't be my next excuse. I'm a bit worried about money since I need/want ( to me it's need to my wife it's a want) to buy a new road bike for next season and I've got everything else to pay for but I'm sure I'll figure it out and hopefully I can get enough hours at the shop to make up for it.

I also picked up a new shirt for the holidays from Twin Six. It was there t-shirt of the month which is a new promotion they are running where they will have a new design on the 6th of every month of a with a limited run of t's. Only a hundred total over both men's and women's sizes. Here's what I got:

I think it's sweet and now I got something to where on Christmas.

Anyways that's about I'll I got for now. Team meeting tomorrow night. Ordering our team gear. Hopefully we get some idea of what the kit is going to look like. I'm always pretty curious of what I'm going to be wearing almost everyday.



Bluenoser said...

Glad to see things easing up on you. Lobster price is down here this season 3.50 off the boat. What's it like there harp?


Harp said...

I'm actually waiting for my supplier to get back to me. He says they are low. I'm cooking lobsters for the christmas party at the shop.

Groover said...

That's a very nice Xmas shirt, Harp. I'm jealous.