Saturday, January 3, 2009

Different Look

My wife was looking through some pictures for a frame she got and found this picture of me from a few years ago pre-mountain bike racer. This picture was taken the day after christmas in 2005.

This one was taken chistmas day this year 2008.When I look at these it is good motivation to keep up the healthier lifestyle I lead now compared to how I used to live my life.
Now I gotz to go watch the bolts.



Judi said...

you were chunky!

p.s. i got a scanner too. watch out! lol.

Cycling Phun said...

Noice (yes... I put the O in on purpose)
I had a one year of me last year when I was down, like, 40 pounds. Im getting back into the full swing Monday 01/05/2009! I'll be writin' about it. Keep on, man!


Cycling Phun said...

Well, your Chargers just did it!