Friday, January 2, 2009

Joe and the Rail Trail

Today I took out the mountain bike for a spin on the rail trail. After yesterdays rough day on the road I wanted to put some miles in but nothing to like yesterday. The rail trail was finally dry enough to ride and it felt good to be back out on my mountain bike. I ended up rolling about 24.77 miles according to map my ride. You can check out the route here.

Since I was rolling the rail trail it gave me a chance to listen to my new Joe Satraini CD I uploaded onto my MP3 player. I'm not sure how many people listen to his music but I love it. It's pretty much the soundtrack to my life. I don't really need lyrics the way the songs are put together it changes my mood. It can run me through a whole range of emotions. Puts me in a very good state of mind for riding rail trails.


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