Friday, February 13, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I found Floyd Landis' "Positively False" book on Amazon dirt cheap and I thought it would be interesting to read. I got the book, read it and was surprised just how good the book was. It talks about a lot more than just his alleged doping case. It talked about his career as a pro mountain bike racer and on through the years he spent working for Lance in a few of his tour wins. It talked a lot about the 2006 tour and the doping charges and all the stuff that happened after the tour.

Obviously the book is one sided but the he and the people that were helping him really laid out a very convincing case that he was clean and that the system had some flaws that were working against him.

After reading the book and watching the videos I would like to believe that he did race the tour clean. I mean come on anyone that watched that tour with the rough start at the prologue and then saw him crack on stage 16 losing the yellow jersey and then make the all time comeback on stage 17 had to be amazed. They say that it is unbelievable and that there is no way someone could come back like that. For me to come back after such a bad day and then ride like that is heroic if anything in bike racing could be that way.

It will be interesting to see how he comes back starting with his first tour tomorrow. It should be good. I personally will be rooting for him and his team. I love a comeback and everyone else seems to be focused on Lance.

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Bluenoser said...

Yes I read the book also and had him hung out to dry before I read it. I knew but didn't realize that fellow Canuck Dick Pound was such a... dick.

He thought he was going to be the new Pres. of the IOC and was passed over and handed doping, so that's why he has such a hate on.

I now am not so sure about Floyd and think if anything he may have been a little naive.

Good luck to him. I like a comeback also.