Thursday, February 12, 2009

The New Kit

In my post yesterday I talked a bit about how my new team kit didn't fit quite rite. Well as I sat and thought it I decided that I'm not going to wear stuff all year that is to small and is kind of uncomfortable. So I sent an email to Sean our team captain/manager and let him know what I was thinking and that I said I would pay for a new set. Well he wasn't really having any of that. He asked me if I ordered the same size that I tried on a month ago when we had a sample kit to size with. I told him that when I tried the stuff then it fit perfect and that is what I told him to order. He was already going to talk to the company anyways since the stuff isn't exactly like the final proof. Essentially after talking to him they are going to redo my order. He said I have got to have the full amount of clothing since I'm probably going to be racing more than anyone on the team. It's nice to have that kind of support. I'm a pretty lucky guy to be hooked up with the team I've got and all the sponsors I have. Thinking about that alone is enough for some serious training motivation.

I did make it outside today for a quick ride after work. My legs didn't feel that great and I was actually having some cramping in my left calve which is real unusual for me. I usually don't cramp that often and the few times I have have been during just a couple of races. But I didn't care that much I got some time outside and had a good ride and burned some calories. It's a good thing I made it out tonight since it looks like we are supposed to get a good amount of snow starting early tomorrow morning and the high temp for the next week is going to barely be over 30 so it looks like it's going to be back in the torture chamber on the trainer for the next week at least.

Here's a couple of pics of the new kit. I squeezed into it for the ride today. It looks pretty good and I'm glad to finally be wearing a Bike Pedalers kit. Not the best pics but my camera is having issues. I think it's about time for a new one.



Cycling Phun said...

nice looking kit man!
Looks a bit tight tho... wah wah wahhhh

millhouse said...

I like it. That Champion stuff does tend to fit tight. Did you guys go with the race cut? I really like my Monkey Wrench kit that was made by Champion.

Harp said...

We got the race cut and that's what we tried on. Can't figure out why it's different now.

Groover said...

Nice kit but I can see how it all bunches up along the seam. It doesn't look right! I only heard good things about CS so far. They are becoming quite popular here in Oz right now.

Bluenoser said...

Good looking kit.