Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No Trainer Mojo

Wednesday nights are always rushed and hurried around our house cause my son Basketball Practice and we have to eat early and then I take him to practice and when we get home I usually take the night off but after last nights debacle I felt like I needed to get back on the trainer. When I got home I got ready and hopped on the trainer and tried to get going but I was unfocused and just wasn't feeling it. So I bagged it after about 20 minutes. I think part of the problem is that when I get home at 7:45 I'm just not in the mindset for the trainer. Also having dinner in my stomach doesn't really help much. I need to figure out a better time table to train. I need to train earlier so that later at night I can just chill.

On another note I found out today a little more about the frame I'm getting. It's actually listed as the FC Frame. I thought I was going to be getting the exact F2 frame. The frame that I'm getting is exactly like the F2 except the design is different. Basically the paint job is different. It doesn't have the yellow on it. To me the paint job doesn't matter that much. It is still going to look good and the performance of it is going to be insane compared to what I've been riding.

We also got the team kits in today. They look pretty good and I'll get a few pictures of them up on the blog probably tomorrow. I'm not sure of the fit for me yet. I tried on a sample kit before we placed the order and it seemed to fit then but the stuff we got seems a bit small for me now. We'll see. The biggest thing is that the jersey is tight under my arms. I'm not going to worry about it to much.

Later. Harp


Redbone said...

I think Sean had some problems with his too. I'm just glad I went with the XL. Can't wait to sport them on the trails.

Cycling Phun said...

Mmmmm, Felt goodness. I REALLY wanted the Felt z...
Z70 / Z80, something like that... Anyway, I wound up on the Specialized Allez Elite double... The fit is balls on though!