Tuesday, February 10, 2009

WTF Ride

Warning. Rant mode on.

I haven't had a real rant on the blog lately but after tonight I need to. Ok so I am supposed to get together tonight for a team ride with some of the guys. I text them earlier today and looks like everything is a go same time meet at the same place. I get to the meeting spot and I wait and wait and wait. Then after waiting like 15 minutes this guy shows up on a hybrid bike with huge riser bars on it asking if I'm here for the ride. I say ok I guess he says he knows one of the guys on the team. So know I'm stuck waiting with this guy and no sign of anyone from the team. 20 minutes later I decide I'm not going to wait around anymore. Me and my new hybrid friend take off and the slow riding begins. I mean I wasn't out to try and blow out the legs tonight but this guy was slooow. I end up spending most of the night waiting around for him. I should have stopped early and come up with an excuse but I didn't and did a shortened ride. It had to be shortened so that I could get home at a decent hour after waiting around for so long for this dude. He was a nice enough guy but I just don't have the time to spend my precious training hours waiting around for someone. And the biggest kick in the junk about the whole thing is that it was a beautiful day out today. When I got home from work at 3:30 it was 61 and I waited until 5:30 (when we were supposed to meet) to start riding and when it got dark the temp dropped fast and I ended up having another cold ride with frozen feet.

I guess I learned a lesson. I just don't have time to waste waiting for people anymore. And when I do get on the bike I need to train and not just doddle around. We have a team meeting on Thursday night to pick up our kits and I might let them know that I don't know how many more rides I'll be going on. I can't waste anymore nights like I did tonight. And to top it all off I had a horrible day eating today. Big buffet at the college and I kind of half to taste everything to evaluate it and I got a bit carried away. It was very good and then when I got home from my "ride" I was pissed and hogged on some junk food. Must focus and get back on track tomorrow.

OK sorry I feel better know. Rant mode off.


Bruce Brown said...

You have to think of a bad ride like bad sex. Even if sex is bad, it still beats the alternative. Ditto for a bad ride - it still beats not having ridden. ;-)

I hear your frustration, though. Too bad you didn't hit it hard between 3:30 and 5:30 when temps were up and all that buffet energy was running through your veins.

Bluenoser said...


one, I don't wait for anyone past 15 minutes even in the summer. If they can't be there in that amount of time then f**k them and I ride.

Two, food wise, you knew your job was dangerous when you took it... ha.

Three, the stem went in the mail on Monday and I sent it ground (cheapest) so it may be a bit.


Judi said...

ahhh that would suck. i'd have been pissed too. that's what sucks so bad about group training. you always have to wait around for someone, and then you aren't always on the same level as far as speed goes. one girl we run with is trying to q for boston and i am always trying to keep up, but i can't. i get pissed at them and offer to run alone, but they always say "no judi you have to run with us". and then one girl si ALWAYS late meeting us. it sucks.