Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Parts and More to come

I stopped by the shop today and found a few things for the Felt had come in plus my new team helmet. I was happy to see the helmet since I sold my last one I have been using a old helmet and it just wasn't as comfortable as the last so it's nice to have an Ionos again. The new parts were just the Chain and Tires. This bike is coming together piece by piece.

I also got an email today from someone that wants to buy the Portofino. This puts a big smile on my face. Since the the money I will get from this bike will take care of a huge part of the SRAM order I need to place. On my lunch hour I took the bike over to get boxed by my Paul (the mechanic that I will always be indebted to) at the shop. So now I'm just waiting for the process to go through.

I finally got out for a ride today. The legs had a hard time remembering how to spin at a high rate. I felt a bit sluggish. It had been over a week since I rode outside and it really felt like it. I did get some nice intervals in and was just really happy to be outside and not have frozen toes or fingers. The temps around here lately have been great the past couple of days but they are going away tonight for a while with a lot of different forms of precipitation and cold weather in the forecast. I'm just hoping it doesn't stick around long. Race season starts in T - 17 days. Later.

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BikingBadger said...

Like a puzzle, once all the pieces come together you'll have a masterpiece