Monday, February 23, 2009

TV in Bathroom but $15 a day Wi-Fi

I can’t quite figure it out how I can stay in a hotel that is ridiculous enough to put a TV in the bathroom but I can’t get free internet anywhere in the hotel. I could have gotten internet if I was willing to pay 15 bucks a day for it and I’m way to cheep to do that. I mean I was there for 4 days, if I was going to pay 15 bucks a day that would be $60 dollars. That is enough to buy a couple of small things for the Felt.

OK now that I’m done bitching I’m going to get more to the point. I’m starting this while I’m in the plane on my way back home. Not much else to do. I’m really ready and glad to be back home and am going to be happy that when I can get back to my normal routine and start up training again. I have trained only once since last Tuesday and my diet was thrown out the window when I showed up at the convention and started eating. My stomach has been upset most of the time from all of the rich and sweet food that I’ve had. Part of my job is eating this stuff and tasting it so I can never eliminate it from my diet all the time but my stomach just was just not ready for the onslaught that it went through. I was able to get up a train on a bike like machine in the fitness center of the hotel but over the course of the trip I had some cramping still and I didn’t sleep well so I thought it best to just take it easy and try to enjoy the trip and I did enjoy it and the wine (which I’m not even going to start on).

For now though it’s back to a strict couple weeks of heavy duty training and eating properly. My first race is only 3 weeks away. Later.

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Unfortunately its usually only free in the cheaper hotels: