Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Little by Little

The new bike build is slowly coming together. The parts shown above are what I got so far. Again the bulk of the build will be ordered as soon as I have the cash from my current road bike.

Huge thanks to Bluenoser for hooking me up with the sweet thomsom stem.

I got out for a awesome 1:20 on the paved trails in town. I usually (and still do) hate riding on the paved in town trails but everything else was so sloppy/wet/muddy from the melting snow and I didn't want to ride in traffic I didn't have much else to choose from. I did get a great session of intervals in. Legs felt pretty good and I just felt good all around and was just happy to be out on the bike.

Today's ride is the last one I'm going to get for a while. I've forgotten to mention I have to go to Chicago for a work convention on Thursday and I won't get back until Monday night. These conventions are good for me to get to but it wrecks havoc on my diet and training. It's all about food. I'm going to try to keep myself pretty low key at this convention and try not to get to involved with as much stuff. I'm hoping the hotel has some kind of fitness center so that I can at least get a few workouts in and burn off some of the calories I'll be ingesting.



Judi said...

why don't you run while i chi-town?


Harp said...

Run what's that? No just kidding but running is pretty tough for me. I have tendenitis in my knees from my days playing football and the impact of running hurts like hell. Actually I started cycling cause I needed to excersise and couldn't run.