Monday, February 16, 2009

Week # 2

This is the beginning of week number 2 for me in the Lean Look Weight loss challenge with Bluenoser and Phun. Unfortunately the first week did not go well for me. My weight went down but my body fat went up. Not exactly what I had in mind. I'm not surprised though. I've had a pretty bad few days eating and I haven't trained as much lately cause I'm still feeling really tired. Today is no exception. I just feel like I'm fighting to keep my eyes open all day. Here's my numbers:

Stomach 33"

Neck 16"

Weight 162 lbs

Body Fat 14%

I have gotten out for a few rides the past couple of days though. The weather hasn't been terribly cold, not warm but not bitter cold either and since I've got my road bike shined up and ready to sell I don't want to ride it outside or on the trainer so I'm only have the mtb which is fine I am a Mountain Bike Racer first even though lately all it seems I think about is road bikes (doesn't help that I've been watching the TOC the last 3 days too) so on Saturday I went out and road my Mountain bike with full knobs on for my normal short 20 mile road loop. It was good to be out and I felt pretty good on the bike but I'm still having this nagging tightness/cramping feeling in my left calf muscle that I just can't seem to shake.

Yesterdays ride was great. I decided to go out and see what the park looked like. It was cold enough that there would not be a lot of melting even though the sun was shining so I trudged my way across the snowy slushy rail trail (a good workout) and when I hit the park I was greeted with a nice packed down snowy singletrack. Some other Lincoln riders must have made it out cause it was nice. It was really nice to be back in the park. I can't remember the last time I rode in the woods was but it had been way to long. I rode for about 45 minutes in the park and then turned to head back out. I definitely wasn't moving as fast as I usually do by looking at my time and where I was at but on a snow packed course you just can't carry the turns as fast as normal.

Today I feel really drained again but I headed out on the bike again. I had thoughts of trying the park again but it was to warm and slushy/muddy in there so I turned around and just rode on the paved trail for a short spin. Tomorrow is going to have some specific intervals planned. I will probably stay on the paved trails cause they are dry and I can get my intervals in with the least amount of traffic and with the time of day I'll be riding is around 5 I would rather not be out in the traffic.

Now I need to go get my bike ready for tomorrows workout and try to get to bed early. Later.


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Cycling Phun said...

I think Blue will agree with me when I say that winter is a bitch! By the laws of nature your body is fighting like hell to keep a layer of fat to keep you warm, and your trying to burn it of. Once the weather breaks and we start riding seriously, getting out more often, and just the temp going up will help to counter this.

I think we're doing well at this point to maintain current numbers and just have a minimal weight loss.

The measurements seem weird though. Maybe you're building bulk in the way of muscle? But muscle weighs more. I'm just confused.

Oh, and what happened to Tony Almeda?