Thursday, March 12, 2009

Change of Races

For the second year in a row my first race of the season the Bone Bender 3/6 has been postponed due to the weather. It's now going to be on April 18th. It's a good time when I don't have any other races going on or near it. I hope now to that my teammate Ryan can go.
Just like last year my first race is now the Panama Enduro. I was going to try to do both anyways but I wasn't sure how I'd feel after racing for 6 hours. It's going to be cool though. Most of our team is going to be out there.
Speaking of team stuff the team bike order came in and mine came with it. I stopped by the shop to check it out. It is sweet. Now that it is here it is really going to drive me nuts having to wait to come up with the cash to finish getting the components for it. I checked out some of the mountain bikes that came in with the order and I have to admit that they were a lot nicer than I expected. The Felt Team Frame looks pretty nice. We'll see I'm liking Felt a lot lately and they have treated the team, shop and me well so far. Maybe one of there Carbon MTB frames may be in my future. We'll have to see.

I also got my new Flatwater team gear again yesterday. It's really nice now that it fits and it's just in time to race in this weekend.

The last bit of news I got is that the Portofino is officially sold. Just finished the transaction with the buyer a little bit ago. Now the only pain in the ass with the whole process is getting it shipped. It's a big box and I got to take it to a special drop off place that is clear out of my way but no big deal I'm just glad that's it's sold. The way a few things look I might be able to use a little bit of the money to pay for the build. Hopefully. Later.


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