Friday, March 13, 2009

New Demo Toy

I got this call from Grant at the shop saying stop by after you get out of work, I got a surprise for you. I got this call at 11:30 and I had to stay at the college and give practical exams until 5:15. It drove me nuts. Usually I'm out of work on Fridays early but not to day so I had to sit and wait and wonder.

When I got to the shop I was stopped in the door to the service side and they said here's your new road bike for a while and then pulled out a BMC SLX01 RaceMaster Demo. They said I could use it until I get my Felt built up. I'm pretty fortunate to have the opportunity to use this thing to train on and to work with such cool guys who think of me and set me up. They said I get it to use cause it's my size, I need it and I will ride it and the more than anyone else would and be able to get some good feedback.

When I got home I took it out for a quick spin. I didn't have much daylight left and I just wanted to go out and get it dialed in for me. It takes me forever to get my saddle heighth and angle correct. I took it out to pioneers park for about 35 minutes. My first impression is that this thing flies compared to my old bike. It is way lighter and stiffer and I feel that I get a lot more speed out of less effort. They say this is the sprinter frame and I totally beleive it. I will give more feedback on how it rides later after I get a chance to get it out on the road to really test it out for an extended amount of time. Here's some pics of the bike. It's got a few scratches on it but it is a demo bike. More to come later.


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