Friday, March 20, 2009


Today was a short 1/2 day at work and took care of some things, saw my grandma and then picked up the kids then it was time to get home and go for a ride. I decided I needed to try and get out for a ride in Wilderness to see if it had dried up. For the most part it was pretty dry and it was nice to be back in the woods were I truly love to ride.

The only real problem with today was that my legs were real sluggish. I just didn't have any power and it felt like I was riding with no air in my tires. Not sure what's really up with that. Yesterday I felt pretty good and had a good ride. But at least I was able to get out for 1:45 and spent 90% of that time off of pavement.

My biggest gripe about the the park is the damned horses. It kind of pisses me off a bit when me and almost all of the other mountain bikers wait for months for the park to dry out before we ride in there but the horses go through when it is super soft and leave craters in the middle of the trail and just totally destroy it. And it seems like they are always bitching about us. We don't tear up the trails we work on them. I don't see the people who ride the horses out there doing trail maintanence.

OK I'm done. I need to rest and get my legs back for some major miles this weekend. I've got my fingers crossed that the rain holds out. Later.


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Cornbread said...

I feel your pain on the horse situation. Maybe some signage will help remedy that problem.