Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Hammer

I'm not big into giving bikes names but I've dubbed the BMC SLX01 Racemaster "the Hammer".
This bike just won't let me go slow. The whole time I'm on it I'm going all out pushing myself. It's been feeling great. Stiff and Responsive are the best ways to explain how it rides. I'm want to get it into some race like situations to see how it performs in those conditions. I might have to start spending some more time in the park looking for some other roadies to "pick a fight with". I'll probably get my doors blown off but at least I'll get some good training in. Here's a couple of pics from todays ride.

Tonight's ride was my short road loop. My Grandma is in the Hospital recovery from heart surgery so I stopped to see her after work and then my parents were in town so they were coming over for dinner so I had to make it quick. I finished my loop with a new fastest time and decided to do a lap through pioneers park. Right after a downhill I heard the tire blow and felt it go flat. It sucked. The tire is completely worn through. Luckily it is a Conti Grand Prix Force. I'm running a Continental Attack/Force combo on the Felt and already have one so I'll be mounting it up and getting a new one for the Felt. Luckily the new tube I put in held up until I got home.

The dead tire.

I'm really looking forward to getting through tomorrow and then I'm on break from the college for a week. Which is some extended saddle time and until Thursday when my wife has surgery.

I think both of us are ready to get that over with. Later.


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