Monday, May 4, 2009


Tonight I had the plan of going out and getting some intensity time in and see how the legs would feel. When I first left the house and spinning down the street my legs felt pretty tight and sluggish. Right when I hit the paved trail a rider passed by me and I got the feeling that he was trying to outrun me. Know maybe this is just me being me and looking for a reason to chase the rabbit.

After I chased down the rider and continued to just go and the legs started feeling a bit better and started to open up so I just continued to push and push through the pain my legs were shooting up at me. As I continued to go I started to feel really good and I was hitting the tight twisty corners at full speed and just flowing through them. I'm really digging the new tires. I think they are really helping in the corners.

I continued to really push it the whole way through and ended up beating my new goal of finishing this loop in under 1:10. I'm pretty happy that 2 days after a race I feel this well and actually able to improve upon what I had done before.

On the down side I don't think that it may have been the smartest thing. As I sit here my legs are getting really stiff and it's kind of tough to walk around. Hopefully they feel better in the morning. Tomorrow I had planned on anther day of high intesity work before starting to taper down for this weekends race. Later.