Friday, May 15, 2009

Felt FC First Ride

Today after a long day at work I wasn't originally sure if I would ride when I got home or not. After I got home I realized I had to go out and ride my new Felt FC. Yesterday was a all day and night work day so today was the first chance.

After I got changed I was out the door spinning down the street. After a quick stop to adjust the saddle height I hit the trail out to the park and opened up the bike a bit to see what it would feel like. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect I had gotten used to the BMC I was demoing but quickly forgot about it. This bike is very responsive and stiff. Maybe not quite as stiff as the BMC but close. I can definitely see this bike as a much better all arounder bike were as the BMC Race Master was more of a bike designed for sprinting. I really noticed the difference between the 2 when I got onto the climbs in the park. The Felt climbs noticeably better.

Overall I am very very happy with my new bike. There is some adjustments that I can already tell need to be made. I will probably cut down the steering tube quite a bit. I left it high during the build on purpose so I had plenty of room to make adjustments before making a final decision. There's also a couple of things here and there that I will adjust too. I really like the SRAM Rival shifters. I was running the new dura ace on the BMC but the SRAM double tap set up works nice and I like that I don't have to change my hand positions at all when shifting. It's really efficient. The front der shifts better and easier than any other set-up I've ridden. I think I'm pretty sold on it.
Tonight was the first ride this week though. I hadn't been out since Sunday which is good and bad. This is a good time for me with a lot of down time between my next few races where I need to be doing some heavy training sessions but I've been busy at work and with other things so I guess the rest was probably good to. The legs felt good today but a bit sluggish. Hopefully I opened them up a bit again today and will be ready to go for full on training this weekend.

Now I need to go get some other stuff done to free up some more ride time. Later.

a grin while on the new ride

the kit now matches the bike a bit better
P.S. Thanks again B.


Cycling Phun said...

I love the grin...
Happy riding!

Bluenoser said...

Hey nice job on the build and go get them this summer Harp.