Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Inspired by the Wolfman

I kind of figured with having a new road bike that I would be out riding it all the time but lately I have been spending all of my training time on the mountain bike. This weekend I split the days between the two bikes. Saturday I was up early and went out and did my quick 20 mile road loop to see how the bike held up on the open road. It went well and I'm loving the bike. Still working on making adjustments to get it completely dialed in. Sunday for some reason instead of getting out on the road again I just had to take the time I had in the morning and get out on the MTB again and went out to Branched Oak to ride some real trails and get some good training time. I keep thinking back to the race and I realize that my bike handling skills are good but need to be better especially on courses like at Platte River were it's a lot more technical climbing and descending. Branched Oak doesn't have all the same technical aspects to it but it does have a lot of climbing and descending so it was still real good and was real happy with my decision to go there.

The plan yesterday was to go out and train on the road bike but I was reading the posts on the Ergon Blog about the Topeak-Ergon Racing Team Pro rider Wolfram Kurschat's great season and how he has been kicken ass in the World Cup and German National Series and I think it kind of inspired me to go out on the mtb. I'm a huge fan (obviously) of the Ergon products and the Pro Team. So I went over to Wilderness and did my training loop. I wasn't going for a new fastest time or anything my goal was to go out and stay right under my race pace. I have a long stretch of training time and I don't want to blow myself out to soon. I felt really good on the bike.

Today was a completely different story. I woke up today feeling like I was hungover which sucks cause I don't drink anymore and if I'm going to feel hungover I want to have the fun the night before that goes with it. I struggled through work all day with a bad headache that got a bit better by the time I got home and I struggled over the decision to even go out or not. I finally decided to head out on the mtb to take a little more casual spin through wilderness with some hard efforts mixed in. The ride went ok. I could definitely tell I wasn't feeling right. I slowed down for a while to show a group of college kids who had gotten lost in the park a shortcut out and then kept on for a while mixing in hard efforts but I started to get really tired so I ended up taking the rail trail home early and calling it a night.

As for tomorrow I'm not sure what it's going to bring. I have a feeling I'll be on my road bike trying to get some good power climbing in in Pioneers Park. But you never know. Later.


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