Friday, May 22, 2009

New Sponsor

I was lucky enough to get a little more support for this season. I am know supported by Fi'zi:k Saddles. They have a new grassroots program this season that I'll be a part of. Very excited to have their support. I've used their saddles and have been very happy with them. My challenge right know is trying to decide which one I like more, they're all comfy. On the BMC that I was demoing I had the Arione. I'm currently testing out the new Antares which I'm like but before I commit to one I'm going to test out the Aliante. Again that's my biggest problem is that I like them all and can't decide for sure.

For my MTB I'm going to be getting the Tundra Saddle. It's the saddle that Fi'zi:k has designed specifically for XC Racing. Can't wait to get one on the bike.

If anyone else local is interested in trying out the road saddles swing by the new Bike Pedalers location at 16th and Pine Lake and test them out. We have all 3 available in test saddles.


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Bluenoser said...

I like this development.