Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gettin ready to race

After work today I had to drop the Mountain Bike off at the shop to get a new chain and cassette put on. It needed both of them for a while now and since I'm racing it this weekend I figured it should get done. So for riding tonight it was the road bike. I headed out with the plan to do my short road loop and then hit pioneers for a couple of laps. When I was out of my loop I came upon the remnants of a couple of the Wednesday night rides and decided to grab a wheel and ride with them. It was pretty short lived since right after I started riding with the group my front tire went flat so I was off on the side of the road changing the tube. After I got back going again the group was gone so I backtracked to my normal route and went about riding it and then hitting pioneers for a quick short lap since I was running out of daylight. It was a bit chilly and overcast today so I had to bust out the arm and knee warmers again but it was really some of my favorite weather to road ride in.

Overall I felt absolutely awesome on the bike tonight. My short loop is a hilly up and down ride and I have never rode it and remembered feeling so good. I put in a pretty good average heart rate and burned a ton of calories for my short ride barely over an hour.

Tomorrow is another day off the bike since I'm at work all day and evening and then Friday after work will be spent getting the road bike prepped for the crit race on Saturday morning and then pre-prep for the mtb race on Sunday. Later.


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Bruce Brown said...

I left some directions for you on my blog to the race when I responded to you in the comments section.

Here's the mapquest link to drive from Lincoln to the corner of Elk Hort Street and Highway 65/69 in Warren County, Iowa. Banner Pits at Summerset State Park is so new, it's not on any of these online map sources yet.

That corner is the entrance to the State Park. You cannot miss it from the highway as there are signs everywhere and the first parking lot is right there off the highway on the east side.

Let me know if that will work.

My cellphone is 515-205-4295 which I will have with me on race day.