Friday, June 26, 2009

Another 50 and a Team Marin HT

I'm not really sure what my motivation for today was but when I woke up I wasn't sure where or how long I was going to ride for. As I chamoised up and headed out I looked at the wind and saw it was blowing towards the south and I headed towards Branched Oak Lake. I wasn't originally planning on going for a 50 mile ride but since I was heading that way I went out and when I got to the lake I was making good time and feeling well so I decided to go around the lake and get in a 50 miler. The only real problem was that I wasn't well prepared at all. I had no nutrition and no calories with me of any kind so when I was about 1/2 through the ride I started to get a little hungry and could start to feel a bonk coming on but there wasn't anywhere to get anything for a while so I had to just tough it out until I hit the small town a few miles back towards home after leaving the lake. I made it there took in some fuel, refilled my bottles and was back towards home. When I was first leaving I wanted to try to put in a solid paced ride and my goal was to keep my heartrate above 150 for most of the ride. I ended up making real good time and was close to my goal of averaging over 15o heartrate for the entire ride.
On the Mountain Bike side of things I got the word from Marin that I will be getting a 09 Team Marin Scandium Hardtail as a replacement for my broken 08 Indian Fire Trail. I could have gotten another 08 frame identical to the one that I had (and loved) but I decided to pay a little and get a 09 upgrade. The frame is about a 1/2 pound lighter and slightly longer giving it a even more racier feel. It shipped yesterday so I'm hoping to get it in middle of next week and get some time on it before my vacation is over.
Tomorrow I'm heading out for a early morning group road ride before spending the rest of the day with my parent's celebrating my dad's 50th birthday. Later.

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