Monday, June 22, 2009


When I was cleaning my bike yesterday at the shop after the race on Saturday I was bummed when I noticed what I thought was chipped paint on the piece of my bike that goes across the seat stays. Some people refer to it as the brake bridge but anyways I thought it was chipped and scratched and one of the mechanics looked at it and said "no it's cracked". He then pressed on it and it moved and then we noticed the 3 other cracks on the bottom and other side. For the past few rides I had been hearing a strange noise that sounded like I had a broken spoke but none of us could figure out what it was. Know we now.

Luckily the frame is still under warranty and I will get a replacement. We called Marin today and it looks like I will be getting one of the new Scandium team hardtails. Not exactly sure which one yet. We are waiting to hear from the head of the warranty dept. I'm hoping to know by tomorrow. It's driving me nuts. Any of the frames are good though and will be lighter and a bit stronger than my current frame.

Part of me is bummed though cause I really liked this frame and it fit me perfectly but a new frame for the rest of the season will be nice. Hopefully the new frame fits just as well. Here's a pic of the breaks. Look on the right side.

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crewcabrob said...

Sorry to hear that Harp. I guess that happens and thank God for Warranties! I bet you will like the next one just as well. I'm sure love my new bike.