Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crits and Crazy

Tonight I headed out for the PCL Tuesday night Crits again. I had a little bit different experience this week compared to last. The big problem with today was that I had no legs and was finished after 4 of the 15 lap circuit. I'm testing out some new nutrition products and I'm not sure if that is what the problem is or what but the tank was just empty tonight. As they would get around to lap me as I putzed along the course I would try to grab back on to the group but just could not hold the speed for very long. I was pretty disappointed with my performance tonight. I wasn't hitting the turns very well either and was really looking and felt like an amateur. I wasn't very focused either and missing ques. Hopefully by next week I can get things straightened out.

On the crazy side I still haven't heard anything back from Marin yet. I'm going completely nuts sitting around not knowing what mountain bike I'm going to be riding and not knowing when I'm going to get it. Hopefully it doesn't take to long. I want to get it ready and have a chance to get everything dialed in before the next race. I'm really hoping to find something out tomorrow.

As for tomorrow's training it's up in the air. I haven't really decided yet. Of course it will be on the road bike and if I can swing it I might hit up the Wednesday night worlds ride with all of the fast guys most of whom I do the crits with. Hopefully I can redeem myself. Later.


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