Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gran Ride

I got home from work tonight I was running late cause I got half way home and then had to promptly turn around to meet a repair guy at one of the kitchens at the college. I wasn't really sure what my plan was for riding. I knew I needed to get out and get the legs moving some but I wasn't sure where I would go and about intensity. The only thing I did know was that I was going to have to be on the mtb since I'm out of tubes for the road bike. I probably would have gone out on the mountain bike even if I had the Felt. I needed to get out on a real ride and get the angles on the new grips all dialed in and I haven't ridden my mountain bike since I raced in Indianola last Sunday.

It did feel good to be out on my mountain bike. Back on what I really belong on. Lately the road bike has been consuming my focus cause I've had more crits lately than mountain races. Hopefully this weekend the weather holds (fingers crossed) and I can race it instead of doing a Time Trial. I don't think Time Trialing is really my thing. I think I'll miss the tactics aspect of racing and I will have a hard time getting in the mindset that I'm racing when I'm out on the road alone. Anyways when I left the house I decided to take a chance and see if wilderness park was ride able. If it wasn't I was just going to go out and do some intervals on the rail trail that runs next to it. I was surprised to see that the park was ride able for the most part. There was a couple of wet spots on some of the corners but I just watched it and didn't tear up the trail. The horses do a good enough job of that.

It was definitely a good thing to be able to get some riding in on some singletrack. I felt a little off on some of the turns and it took me a while to start feeling comfortable again. I cut off the trail a little early and took the rail trail home since I still had some work to do before I go to work tomorrow.

The work I had to do was finish up some of my diversity credits. Our fiscal year is up at the college at the end of June and we have a required amount of diversity hours we have to do. I always think it is funny that I used to work at a hotel were in just the kitchen alone we had guys that spoke a total of 8 different languages as a first language and I work in a field were we are constantly learning about other cultures through food and I have to get diversity credits. I found out though that if we watch and comment on our forms about the movie Gran Torino (or Slumdog Millionaire which I refuse to watch) that we could get 1.5 hours. All I needed was 1.5 hours so I was stoked. I mean come on who doesn't like Clint Eastwood. So the wife and I watched the movie tonight and I was able to get all of my "training" done for the year. It was a pretty good flick too.

Now all I have to do is get through tomorrow and I'm on our summer break from the college which translates into a &*^% load of extra hours in the saddle. Makes me smile just thinking about it. Later.


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Bruce Brown said...

The latest at Nebraska Cycling News is the race is on for Sunday (race starts at 2 pm instead of the usual noon).

Here's the blurb:

"Trail conditions at Maskenthine for Sunday's race will survive today's rain. Weekend forecast positive. Game on!" as posted on Facebook from the Elkhorn Valley Cycling Club.