Friday, June 12, 2009

Boring Trail ride in Pics

curious if I'm going to get rained on during my ride

sportin my new T6 bottlesThe Team Issue Ergon GX2 grips all dialed in and ready to race this weekendthe exciting rail trail

Tonight was just a short ride on some paved trails. I mainly went out to see how long it would take me to get to the meeting point were I'm meeting my cousin and some other guys for an early morning road ride. My goal was to get there in under a half hour. I made it in 27 minutes on my moutain bike so I should be faster riding to the meeting point tomorrow on my road bike plus I stopped a couple of times to make adjustments to the bike. I remember how boring the in town paved trails can be.
I didn't want to do to much today since when I woke up this morning my hips were really stiff and sore. I'm not sure why so I checked things out and made some adjustments to the fit of my mountain bike. Things felt better though after riding for a little bit.
On a high note for the day I worked the last day of the term today and am now off work until mid July. It's going to be nice this is the first year when I've gone on my summer break and not have to work at a shitty consulting job or have my wife have to have emergency surgery like she did last year. The focus of this break is going to be relaxing and focusing on improving on the bike. Should be a good time. Later.

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