Saturday, June 13, 2009

PostPoned Again

Well for the second time the Maskenthine XC Classic has been postponed. I was really looking forward to racing my mountain bike this week. Hopefully they decide to reschedule it and not cancel it. In the past they have postponed races once but the second time if it doesn't go they just cancel it for the year. That would suck. I really like the course and it is well suited for my riding style. My only worry now is that they have originally said that they will do the reschedule for August or September. I have a bunch of other races at that time that I worry will conflict. I keeping my fingers crossed that won't happen. I just really wish they would do the rescheduled date in July when there isn't to much else going on. I think they worry about the heat but I've done races in late August when it is easily at or over 100 degrees.

For riding today I was up early for a road group ride but cut out a bit early since I wasn't feeling the best and didn't want to over do it the day before a race. I got some good time in but like I said wasn't feeling the best and was struggling a bit. Now the legs feel a bit tired so maybe it's a good thing I'm not racing tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow are to maybe hook up with Ryan for some riding . I got a little under a week before the next race so I plan on getting some nice intesity work in over the next couple of days. Later.


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