Monday, June 1, 2009

Jelly Belly Recovery

I was curious when I went to bed last night how I was going to feel today when I woke up. I was surprised to find that I wasn't in too bad of shape. My right knee was a bit stiff but not bad but the new thing was my shoulder was a bit sore. On one of the crashes yesterday I landed pretty had on it so I'm not surprised.

I took the day off the bike for the most part to give my body some time to heal before I start to train again. I do have a Crit race on Sunday but I view these as training and my next mountain bike race isn't until the following Sunday. I did go out for about 15 minutes on the bike with my wife and kids and cruised the neighborhood. I was happy to feel no pain when pedaling. I did do a small sprint with my son and I could feel that in my legs but for the most part pretty good.

I have also found a new addiction. A while ago I was looking for a small sweet snack to hinge that craving for something sweet without eating a huge pile of junk. I came across some jelly bellys in the store and thought that would be good plus they support a pro team and I like to support companies that support cycling. Well I have been snacking on them for a while now and I think I've got a problem. I'm eating them all the time. I try to keep it at a minimum but I did buy a small bag while getting gas yesterday and ate the whole thing on the way home. I think I was comforting myself after the race a bit. I find that I comfort myself with food all the time after racing. I guess there could be worse snacks. I eat about 5 at a time which is about is only about 20 calories with none of them coming from fat.

Tomorrow should be a good training day the pcl is starting up it's Tuesday Night Crits again. I'm looking forward to getting beaten around by some of the local fast roadies. Later.


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