Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Crit Practice

Overcast skies. I'm becoming quite fond of them for road riding lately.
Tonight I headed out for the first PCL Crit Practice of the season. It was a good and painful experience. I met up with about 6 other riders. Of the guys that were there I was the newest to road racing and it showed. They changed up the routes from last year which makes the course more like a real crit course. Good times. I did pretty good through the first few sets staying with the pack and taking my pulls at the front but by the time we got to the last set they really kicked up the tempo and I was at my max the entire time. I only took a couple of pulls at the front and ended up getting dropped on the last lap. This was a good thing for me though. Made me push myself to keep up with faster, stronger riders. The best way to get faster.


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