Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just like Seabiscuit

When I first went out for my ride today my legs felt a bit stiff and just didn't have that snap to them that I was hoping for. I'm not surprised though since yesterday I was pretty much training at my top end race speed the whole time I was out. I did a lap through pioneers park and then went off on my normal road loop.

Once I got out on the road I started to feel a bit better but the legs were still pretty sluggish. When I made the turn heading south I was straight into the wind. I'm not sure how hard it was blowing but it felt like it was blowing pretty hard and sapping the rest of the energy the legs had left. As I was going south I noticed a lot of riders heading north. I know there is a group ride that ends up going the opposite direction I do on Wednesday nights. I was feeling pretty drained and I looked up the road and I noticed a rider turn off on the road that I do. I turned off shortly after he did and I was completely drained. I looked back and had seen another group turn off the onto the same road. When I noticed that and with the guy in front of me I just seemed to get a second wind and took off passing the rider and leaving the group of 3 far behind. Until I slowed down near the park entrance to cool off and head home.

Now I don't think that the group of 3 riders was trying to catch me cause they probably could have but in my mind they were and the guy in front was a fine rabbit but what I noticed was that once I had the competition from other riders around all of the sudden I had energy and snap in the legs back. Reminded me of when I was watching the movie Seabiscuit and they couldn't get the horse to run fast until they got a little competition next to it. Later.


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