Monday, June 8, 2009

Recovering for the next Race

Tonight was a planned night off the bike. With the big miles I put in on Saturday and then the race yesterday I needed to start recovering for Sunday's Mountain Bike Race. I'm hoping to get out tomorrow. My folks are coming up and we have to go and help them take care of a couple of things and I should be able to get out for a short spin after that. The nice thing about this week is that I don't have my late class anymore on Thursday nights so I don't have to use that day as an off day and I will be able to train all week. I will be tapering a bit for the race but lately I've found that if I continue to train until close to the race and don't taper too early I feel and perform much better.
I found these great pics from the race I did in Indianola, IA last Sunday. Photos Coutesty of Wade Thompson.


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