Friday, June 19, 2009

Sun Tan

Pretty mellow day today. Got up and lounged around in the morning. Dropped my employment contract off at the college that I forgot to mail in last month. Not good when I get a letter saying that they assume I want to stay employed. Yes staying employed would be a good thing. I swung by the shop in the afternoon to get the bike prepped for race day tomorrow, finally I've been feeling pretty good and I'm itching to race on my mountain bike since my last mtb race consisted of 2 flat tires and a last place finish when I felt good enough to win. I met up with Ryan tonight to spin for a few laps through pioneers park. We punched it going up one hill. It hurt a bit but helped get the legs opened up.

Other than that the rest of the night has been spent getting my stuff together. I had to make a run over to the store to pick up some sun-block. I've been putting some time in on the bike in the early afternoon lately when the sun is high and I've really set my cycling tan for the season. Problem is now I'm starting to burn a bit on the top of my arms. I do also have the most hardcore cycling sun-burn. I've gotten a sun burn on the top of my shaved (balding) outlining where my helmet vents are and it's starting to hurt so the sun block will now go on my arms and head.

Now I need to go and get some sleep before the early morning departure for the race. Ryan's heading up with me and we got a 6 hour round trip. Here's a shot of my kick ass cyling helmet farmers tan/burn. Later.

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Bluenoser said...

Hey Harp,

I've had that condition before. Happy Father's Day.