Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hot with a little wind

Today I was originally going to go out for a ride on my road bike in the morning but I thought I would check and see if my teammate Sean was going to have some time to ride this afternoon. He had some time so we ended up heading out in the afternoon sun for a ride out on the highway.

When I left the house to meet up with Sean I realized it was going to be a hot one. The temp said it was almost 90 with high humidity and I could feel it but I handle the heat well and it didn't really bother me. We met at the shop and were off heading South down the highway. The problem with heading South was that it was directly into the wind and that wind was blowing about 25 mph. I kept finding myself working harder than I wanted to today but I was actually feeling pretty good and just kept on pushing into the wind.

When we hit the spot were we turned around it felt completely different. The wind was now at our back as we were heading back towards town. The wind pushing us home was nice but it felt a lot hotter. My main goal at that time was to stay focused I finished off my first bottle and started draining the other one pretty fast. I had just enough fluid to get me back to the shop to refill before heading out for the ride home.

I was feeling pretty good when I got home but the problem was that when I got home I decided to mow the lawn and then decided that I wanted to get my back gutter cleaned out since they both seemed to be clogged up. By the time I was done with all of that I had been out in the heat for another 3 hours and am now feeling pretty exhausted. I made a quick dinner loaded with complex carbs and have been hanging out the rest of the night taking it easy trying to make sure I'm completely re-hydrated.

I also now hoping for dry weather in northeast NE the next couple of days so that I can race on Saturday. I will be pretty pissed if I have 2 races in 2 weeks get postponed. Thinking dry thoughts. Later.


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