Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Casual Riding

Today was split between a couple of casual rides. I didn't want to do any intensity today after yesterdays crit practice so today was just about riding to stay loose and enjoy spending time on my bike.

This morning I took the kids out for a ride to the park and for them to play and me to spin on the bike. I love having the kids out on the bikes with me. They really enjoy riding to the park and enjoy the big downhill on the way to the playground. Now on the way back up the hill is another story but still fun.

This afternoon I met up with an old friend of mine that worked with me when I was still working in restaurants. It's been a while since we hung out and he is has really gotten into riding his bike and is about ready to go all the way and become a hard core commuter selling his car and ride all through the winter. We spun around town and rode a lot of the in town trail system that I have never ridden before. It was a pretty good time and it was good to catch up.

Tomorrow will probably be a ride out on the road bike with a little bit of intesity worked in but it won't be long. I'm starting to taper for the race this weekend. Here's some pics from when I took the kids to the park this morning. Later.

My kids on the playground equipment with my daughter hamming it up for the camera

rolling with the kids

my son riding off the trail in the pasture
Alexis followed him in this is them coming back onto the trail

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