Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Crit Practice

Tonight after a long day of hanging out at home I went out to hit up the PCL Tuesday Night Crits. There was a few more people here tonight than last time and I really got some good practice in and picked up on a few of the things that is hurting me during races.

Tonight I really noticed that I need to still work on my cornering better in the turns. I'm still losing ground on other riders when I come out of them and than I have to work harder at bridging up to get back with the group. The second thing is that when I was going through the rotation and after I took my pull at the front as I would let the group get past me I would slow to much and then be off the back again having to work extra hard alone to get back with the group. On the first set we did I took a pull on the last lap and then got off the back as the pace picked up and didn't finish with the group which was one of my main goals for the night.

I got a bit better on the second set and stayed with the group the whole time and was actually going to set up and try for the sprint finish but when we took off out of the corner of my eye I saw a guy hit the curb than a sign and then go over his handle bars. I stopped from the sprint and went back to see if he was ok. Luckily he was only a little banged and scratched up. It has rained here a lot lately and I think the ground was softer and the impact wasn't to bad. Seeing something like that is always a bit scary.

Really good night of training for me and happy with how I did. These guys if they really wanted to could probably all drop me but I feel it is such good training for me working with more experienced faster guys.

Tomorrow is a light day on the bike. I'm meeting up with an old friend for a spin. It'll be a good thing for me not to go out and push it to hard. I need to get myself ready for the race on Saturday. Later.


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