Monday, June 15, 2009


Lately I've been thinking about doing some upgrading on both bikes. The starting point for both are to get a new wheelset for both. This is going to be a slow process since I got to save up some money first. The first up though is the mountain bike. It's kind of the priority bike since I race it more than anything plus it's one of the few things on that bike that still needs to be upgraded. Maybe next year a new crankset but now I'm more concerened about the wheels.

The wheel set I have now is alright but not that stiff and responsive and pretty flexy on turns. The wheel set that I'm going to go with is the Crank Brothers Cobalt wheels. I've done quite a bit of research and checked all the tech on all kinds of wheels and these are going to fit my needs pretty well and I love Crank Brothers stuff. The guys checked them out at the bike shows and said they look solid. Hopefully these will be coming my way soon. For the road bike which who knows when I'll be doing this. The wheels that I think I'm going to go with for it will be the Sram S60 wheel set. They are not the lightest set of wheels but they seem to perform well from some riders I talked to who have ridden them. I'm really just looking for the aero advantage and some wheels that again are stiffer and more responsive than the wheels I got now. Plus they look pretty sweet.

Of course both of these wheel sets will primarily be used for races only. I continue to do most of my training on the wheels that I have now since really that is what the sets that I have on both bikes are really designed for not for racing. I can't wait to get some new wheels rolling.
On the riding front today was an off day and a day for me to get some stuff I've been putting off around the house done. Tomorrow I will be back on the bike for some intensity training before I start to taper just a little for the race on saturday.

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Cycling Phun said...

Both look very nice. I looked at the Crank Bros. wheels for sh__s and grins before, just to check 'em out, not because I wanted to buy them, that is. But they look really nice.