Friday, August 21, 2009

Chewed Up

I decided that everything felt good enough to get out for a ride tonight so I got ready and headed out on the mtb over to wilderness park for a little bit of singletrack action to warm the legs back up after my forced few days off the bike. Everything felt pretty good for the most part no constant pain when sitting on the saddle just a little twinge here and there but the legs felt great and once I hit the singletrack I had good flow and was really enjoying the ride.

After only a little while in the park I started to notice on the turns that things didn't feel right so I stopped and sure enough the front tire was a low. I put some air in it to see if it would hold for a while since I just wanted to ride and not spend my time changing a tube. Well the tire got low and was messing with my turning after only a little while so I was off the bike and changing the tube. Once I got off the bike is when the swarm of mosquito's hit me and they just chewed on me the whole time I was working on the tire and of course I found 2 big thorns in the tire that were taking me forever to get out. I haven't been attacked by mosquito's like that in a long time. By the time I had the tire changed I was all sorts of itchy and covered in blood spots on my arms, legs and face from killing the damn things.

Shortly after I had the tire changed I got out of the park and took the rail trail home since I didn't have another tube to change the tire if I had another flat. By the time I got home I was pretty uncomfortable and all I wanted to do was just take a shower. Below is a shot of the top of my shoulder. The pic doesn't really show all of the bites or how bad it really looks.

I got a pretty good weekend of riding lined up. Tomorrow is the usual early morning group road ride I hit up and on Sunday I got a friend from Omaha coming to preview the Area 7 course at Branched Oak. Ahh it's good to be training again; even if it means getting chewed on by mosquito's. I need to get some spray. Later.



Bruce Brown said...

You need to eat more garlic!!!

Redbone said...

I never go without my spray. How was the ride at arera 7?

Harp said...

Bruce, I thought I had enough in my diet. I'll have to try to get more.

Ryan, Area 7 was bumpy as usual but in really good shape. I rode 4 laps this morning