Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Things are much better today than yesterday. First and most improtantly Winston is back home. We had a lady call this morning and say that she had found a dog matching his description that she got from the shelter. She was even nice enough to bring him home on her way to work. It's nice that there are some really good, cool people around sometimes. He's back home now. He was dirty with stuff still matted in his hair that we couldn't get out so he's going to have to have a shave but other than that he's fine. I'm just curious where he was and what he did the whole time he was gone. He stayed close though. He was found almost a mile from the house. That's not to far for the 27hrs he was gone.

As far as I go the legs felt a lot better today and I got in a 2 hour ride after work today. I met up with the guys at the shop and we headed out for the last installment of the PCL Tuesday night Crits. On the way to the shop and to the crits I felt good and had some really good feeling accelerations up the some climbs. When we got to the Crits I jumped right in and was able to stay with the group during the warming/pacing section before we started do 1 lap sprint intervals with 1 lap cool down in between. I had some good efforts in for this but I know my limits and I can't sprint at my top end for the whole lap. When we regrouped for our last set it was 3 laps with the first being a "prime" sprint and then then 2 more laps with the 3rd being a sprint for the win. I stayed towards the front and didn't really make a hard effort to go for the prime but stayed with the pack. After the prime lap a couple of riders got off the front and about half way through Sean (it was nice to have a teammate at this) helped me bridge the gap up to the 2 leaders. 2 others bridged up shortly after I did and when it came down to the final sprint I was able to stay with the group in front which was my goal for the night. Overall the legs felt better and I was pretty pleased that I didn't have the same funk that I was in on Sunday.

Now it's time for rest. I got a busy couple of days at work coming up and the plan for the rest of this week is to rest before the state chamionship road race this Saturday. Later.



Bruce Brown said...

Glad to hear the pooch is back safe and sound.

Bluenoser said...

Glad for the pooch. Isn't time to think... CROSS!!!

Just Sayin. Just put the new Trek X01 together tonight! goin for the cowbells Harp.