Friday, January 15, 2010


Finally after a month plus I was able to make it outside again for a ride. It was nothing really too exciting. I stuck to the paved in town trails cause I thought that they would be a bit more clear. In most parts they were but in some it was treachorous. I took one spill on a icy crossing while trying to move for a jogger who slipped and fell too.

It was much colder out than what I thought it was when I got home from work. I think that I just got myself excited with the hopes of riding outside and didn't think what it would feel like while moving on a bike. I started out with my light winter gloves but quickly made the switch to the lobster gloves which I was very glad I brought with me. Other than my feet I dressed appropriatly and didn't get cold. My feet were frozen by the time I got home. I need to get some better protection for my feet for these colder winter rides.

I got in 1:25 of riding with no real structure. I had been hitting it pretty hard on the trainer and today was just a recovery day a chance for me to remember what it's like to ride outside. Later.



Judi said...

i'm doing goldsprints tonight. indoor fixie race on rollers. should be interesting.

i need better shoe covers too. and gloves. :)

Harp said...

we are having the same thing in Lincoln tonight; but I can't make it.