Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pics of 2009- Branched Oak

I took this picture out at Branched Oak while riding one night in the summer. I always thought it turned out to be a great shot overlooking the lake while riding some of my favorite trails. Can't wait to hit them up again. This winter is getting long.


Bruce Brown said...

Nice pictures and reflection of 2009.

Have you heard the dates yet for the Psycowpath Series? I've searched online and can't find them anywhere. I've got all the dates for the Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin series, but all I know for the Psycowpath is a joint Iowa/Nebraska race on September 25th at Lake Manawa.

Just wondering if you knew yet.


Harp said...

I've got a few dates. I'm not sure how solid they are yet but I'll get them sent over to you.

Bruce Brown said...

Thanks. I'm just trying to organize dates for the season to figure out what, where and when I can race.

Hard to imagine with the amount of snow on the ground.....