Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pics of 09- Flatwater Cycling Team

Since I missed yesterday I decided to double up on pics tonight. They kind of go together anyways. The pics for tonight are a couple of pics of the team that I'm on, Flatwater Cycling Team. This was our first year as a team and I really enjoyed finally being a part of a team. As a mountain bike racer team tactics don't really come into play to often but it's still nice to have the guys on the team there with you.
The first pic is from the cornhusker state games mountain bike race. This picture is the one that I always say is the first four since we were the first guys on the team since the beginning.
This pic is from the Omaha Cycling weekend twighlight criterium. Above I said as a mountain biker team tactics don't come into play often. Obviously that is much different in road racing. The teammate in this picture is Rick who was a big part of my success on the road this season. He is a really strong rider that sacrifices himself without a second thought to get me to the front and get me where I need to be to be in contention for the win. I know I wouldn't have the State Champion Crit title if it wasn't for him. He led me through that whole race. Having good teammates is nice. I'm looking forward to 2010 with these guys now that we got a year under our belts.

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