Sunday, January 31, 2010

Training and Not Posting

I feel like I've been neglecting the blog lately. I actually I don't feel like I have been but I actualey have been. Between work at the college and the classes that I'm taking and training I just haven't had it in me to post much. I need to do this more. One thing that I am missing is being able to go back and look and see what I've been doing. I do use this blog as my journal of sorts so not posting I loose that.

As far as training is going I've started a new plan and I'm putting in about 11 hours a week on the bike and strength training. I am really liking having a plan finally in place and not have to think about what I'm going to do when I'm ready to get started but just be able to look at my calender and just get started.

I am totally burnt out on the trainer already. I'm really struggling with it but it is hard cause I just don't get home in time to get out when the sun is still up and it's still warm enough to ride. I'm ready for daylight savings time. I am trying to get out as much as possible and it looks like the weather might stay above freezing this week so I'm hoping for the best.

Today I got out for a 3 hour training ride with a couple of my Flatwater Teammates. We were on our MTB's (ideal) and road through town and then headed out onto some gravel to grind for a while. It was nice to be back out on the mountain bike again. The last time I was on it was in early December. Too Long. It wasn't too cold out today about 25 degrees but the sun was shining which helped a lot. I was dressed properly and the only thing that got really cold was my feet which I'm just kind of starting to get used too. Here's a couple of pics that I took while out riding.
On the paved trail heading out of town with Sean and New Teammate John.
I wore my thermal jacket and the full head cover which makes a huge difference. Keeps me way warmer. I just wish I could wear it over my mouth and nose but this one is hard to breath through.

This was through a tunnel in the middle of town that was a complete sheet of ice. Tricky to get across.


millhouse said...

Did reup with Twin Six?

Harp said...

Sure Did.

millhouse said...

I'm confused by the options...
What did you go with? I wish there were more details on the jacket and messenger bag.

Harp said...

I went with just the kit. Jersey, shorts, hat, socks & bottle. Not sure on the jacket but the bag is the same as on the website in the dark section or as the regular T6 bag on the website.

Judi said...

i did not reup. i should probably email ryan and let him know i still love them.

my mtb is almost done. very exciting.

Harp said...

maybe you should think about racing that mtb sometime when it's finished Judi.