Friday, May 28, 2010

Pioneers Park Grand Prix: Race Report

Sunday was the second day of the Flatwater Cycling Weekend. Pioneers Park is right next to my house and I train there often so I knew that at least I would course knowledge. I had to be there early again to help get everything set up and ready to roll.

I was able to get a good warm up on the trainer again and was able to get to the startline early and get a good spot. While I was trying to get my my pedal in the right position I dropped my chain and had to put it back on and got my hands full of crap from the shitty lube (that I won't mention and won't use again) and had to leave the line to get some of the crap off my hands.

ready and waiting

When the race got going I was able to get a good position in the group and just was hanging out and feeling ok. The loop that we were running went around the park and finished after a big climb. The first 2 times up the climb I was fine and on the 3rd time up several riders started to get spit out of the back and I was one of them. I was able to chase and get back with the group after the climb but after the lap 5 I was finished and out of the back.

still hanging on

I got on with another rider and we worked together to try and chase a bit but then both of us kind of went into survival mode. After a couple of laps he couldn't handle the climb anymore and I rode away from him and started to chase the rider that was alone in front of me. I was able to catch the rider in front on the 2nd to last lap and we rode the next lap together and then on the last lap on the climb I was able to get away from him and ended up crossing the line in 13th place out of 30.

riding alone

After my 2nd day in a row sitting right in the middle of the pack is driving me nuts. I hoping all of this training and going into races after a full week of intense training pays off next month when I hit the state championship races. Later.


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Bluenoser said...

Middle of the pack middle of the season should be about right Harp. Others should burn out and you should pump up about right for the championships.