Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New look for the Road Bike

After a crash that I had last week while training that I hadn't mentioned on here yet left me with a very bruised tail bone (that will probably bother me the rest of the season), some road rash and torn handlebar tape I figured it was time for some upgrades that I had been planning for a while anyways.

I needed new bars. The ones that I had were to narrow and uncomfortable so I also had to get a new stem which since the one that I had was a bit to short and the diameter on the bar clamp was to small to accomadate most new bars. The shop has a deal with Ritchey so I checked out their stuff and really liked it. So I know have Ritchey Pro Carbon Evolution Bars and Carbon Matrix Stem. Both are really nice and the bars are flattened on top for some extra comfort for the longer days training. I aslo went with Ritchey bar tape. This time I went with the pro look and got white bar tape. The tape wasn't expensive but it has a real nice feel to it. Here's a couple of pics:
the white tape changes the look of the bike
View from the front

This weekend I'm traveling to Norfolk NE for a road race on Sunday and then the State Criterium Championship on Sunday. The Crit race is one of my top races of the season. Not sure how I'm going to do but I'm really going to get after it. Hopefully my form is coming around. The family is making the trip with me so it should be fun.

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