Monday, July 19, 2010

Mount Michael Time Trial: Race Report

When I woke up to get ready to leave to go to the Mount Michael Time Trial I knew it wasn't going to be my best day. I just didn't feel "right". I wasn't sure what it was but I was in a funk and I had a bad feeling it was going to effect my performance.

I arrived at the race location early and was able to get checked in and get the bike on the trainer and have a little bit of time before I needed to start warming up and I sat and tried to focus and get my mind straight. I wasn't very successful.

About 45 minutes before my start time I got on the bike and started to get the legs moving which took a while. I warmed up for a good 35 minutes on the trainer and then got the bike off to actually ride it for a few minutes. I know I had some time since I made sure my clock and the start clock were in sink. I wanted to have one time trial this season were I actually made it to the line on time.

That didn't happen. When I rode down to the start finish with a couple of minutes to spare I was told that I need to go around and come up to the start from the back. The problem was I didn't have time for that so I had to pick the bike up and hop across a grassy section and by the time I got back on the bike I was up and I had enough time to get to the line and have the guy hold me so I could get clipped in and then I was off.

I got a good start and made it up the first climb and downhill pretty fast and then turned onto the rest of the out and back course. The course was only 10 miles long and I thought it fit my strengths pretty well;, which it would have on a good day. About 10 minutes into the race I hit the wall. I made a turn and when I got up to push the pedals to get my speed back I didn't have anything. I suffered the rest of the race and pushed as hard as I could just to finish feeling worse and worse as I went along.

I ended up finished up the course in 24.40.57. Bad enough for 9th place. My worst TT performance of the season. I was pretty disappointed with the result. I'm really sad that it was the last one of the season and I'm not going to have a chance to redeem myself.


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