Friday, July 30, 2010

FWCT MTB Training Race #3: Race Report

My team Flatwater Cycling Team has been putting on 4 training races this season at Branched Oak lake. Last Thursday was #3. I wasn't able to make # 1 and # 2 I wasn't really trying since it was right before a race weekend. This time I didn't have anything going on and the conditions were perfect for me. HOT. The heat index was right around 106. Most people don't handle the heat very well. I usually thrive in it. I think that is one of the reason that in this time of the race season I start to excel when others are suffering. I can just deal with it pretty well. It must have been all those years chained to the stove in the dungeon like kitchens that I've worked in.

There wasn't to many people that made it out to the race though. I think the heat must have deterred them. There was only about 10 racers and half of them were Cat 3's. We put the 3 Cat 1 racers (myself included) with the 2 Cat 2 guys and we all went off for 3 laps. We ran the course backwards than how it usually goes which made it seem like a whole new course. I rode part of it before the race and I really liked the way it went. The climbs were slightly longer and it just seemed to flow better.

When we lined up I was right at the front and when they said go I was off. We had a long grassy prairie section to start off and I was off the front with a huge gap on the field that I just kept building on throughout the race. After the first lap I could no longer see any other riders on the praire sections were I could see what was going on far behind me. At that point I slowed it down and cruised through the last 2 laps.

I ended up finishing the race with about a 8 minute lead on the 2nd place rider. It was nice to feel decent on the bike again. I just hope it lasts for a while.


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Judi said...

nice, you are riding well harp. love it. sorry its been a while since i checked in. hope all is well with your fam.